Do you ONLY offer healthy products? We like the idea of healthy vending, but don't want civil unrest!

We normally carry a few of the "must have" items like Coke, Diet Coke and peanut M&M's in order to keep the peace and make everyone happy. We are happy to expand or scale back these offerings to fit your needs.


Wait, isn't that selling out? Aren't you supposed to be a HEALTHY vending business?
Yes, but we also believe "the customer is always right!" We've found that if we don't offer ANY junk food at all, some people just decide to go with a different vendor altogether, and nobody gets the benefit of healthier products!


What price do you charge for _____________? It's my favorite!
On any given product we are likely to charge the standard sale price you'd expect to pay at a mini-mart or grocery store. We always do our best to keep prices low, even if we have to "eat" some costs.


Do you offer service in Tacoma? Olympia? Albuquerque?
At this time we only operate in the greater Seattle area. Check back in a couple years!


Do you participate in "subsidized vending" programs?
Yes! We have several programs available and will be happy to customize one specifically for your organization.


Okay, what's the catch? There must be some kind of charge for this great service!
We do not charge anything for our service! The catch is that in some cases, we will actually PAY YOU a commission check at the end of every fiscal quarter!

We are a small company who is lucky enough to have some great people onboard. Every one of these folks fulfills a vital role and helps ensure that you'll get the best vending service possible!

evan kolpack - owner
Duties include a little of everything; business administration, book keeping, marketing, IT, web and graphic design, acquiring locations, ordering product, stocking machines and basic machine upkeep.

In his free time, Evan is an audio engineer and all-around music nerd who loves really, really oldschool music!

joe fay - co-owner
Joe was one of the first investors in Lean Machines Healthy Vending. His duties include general administration, machine maintenance and repair, acquiring locations and charity relations.

In his free time, Joe enjoys watching sports and fishing with friends. Contrary to rumors you may have heard, Joe is not now, nor has he ever been a member of the Hungarian mafia!

thydakeo kim - design consultant

In addition to helping with book keeping and general office work, Thydakeo lends her graphic design skills to help with web design, promotional material and corporate branding.

Sarah lippman - nutrition consultant

Sarah is a graduate student of Nutrition and Food Science at California State University. She helps us seperate the good products/ingredients from the bad and nutritional fact from fiction!

Mike kolpack - tax consultant

Mike is an Enrolled Agent who retired from the IRS in 2007 after a distinguished 35 year career. He helps us navigate the tax code and provides advice regarding accounting and book-keeping.

jim montgomery - vending technician

Jimmy is a vending technician, mechanic and all-around handy-man! Also known as the "Jimmy Lift", he helps with machine delivery, machine repair and vehicle maintenance.

Austin V. - Yelp Review
"Finally, a vending machine with food that I want to eat!  Keep it up Lean Machines "
Adam M. - Yelp Review
"I spend way more money than I care to admit with these machines. Much better selection than you usually find in a vending machine especially if you're trying to eat healthier. I can get a decent lunch for under $5 which is more than you can say for any fast food place.."
Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich

"Get away from the donuts and the candy bars and the cheesecakes. Go to life! Go to life!.."