Despite all the benefits we offer, we understand that you need to keep the lights on! So we're offering to share a portion of vending sales with qualifying high volume locations.

It doesn't take a ton of studies and research to determine that healthy kids who eat plenty of "brain food" will perform better in school! But just to be certain, we included links to independant research anyway!

Show your patients and staff that you "promote what you preach" by offering healthy vending choices! Lean Machines is a perfect fit for hospitals, doctor's offices and medical facilities.

Upgrade your facility for FREE with our customizable Sports Nutrition Machine that vends your favorite MRP's, cold protein shakes, specialty bars, vitamin packets, pre and post-workout supplements, etc

Healthy Vending can provide amazing benefits and a huge return-on-investment when used as part of a complete wellness program. But don't take our word for it...

The ROI of Wellness

Forbes - "It should come as no surprise that healthy employees boost a company’s bottom line. They experience less sick time, take fewer disability days and suffer lesser risk of premature deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of employers' health care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices. And a $1 investment in wellness programs saves $3 in health care costs, according to the Wellness Council of America."

2008 ROI-based Analysis of Employee Wellness Programs

If you are serious about implimenting a great employee wellness program at your workplace, this article is a must-read! While referencing data from some great studies, this document addresses problems facing employers, the costs associated with those problems and gives you the advice you need to craft your own, successfull wellness program with a great ROI!

SCHOOL EMPLOYEE WELLNESS: A Guide for Protecting the Assets of our Nation's Schools

If you're serious about implementing a wellness program at your school, or school district, this is a great resource to start with. It is "a comprehensive guide that provides information, practical tools and resources for school employee wellness programs. It will help schools, school districts and states develop and support the implementation of school employee wellness programs that promote employee health, improve workforce productivity and reduce the costs of employee absenteeism and healthcare."

Take Action! A Worksite Employee Wellness Program

Another great resource for planning your employee wellness program! This "Business Kit" is a suite of ten tools to help you out. What's tool #4? Healthy Vending!


"In order to increase employee access to healthy food and beverage options at work, the Network for a Healthy California—Worksite Program encourages employers to implement healthy food and beverage standards in their onsite vending machines."